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Microwave Photonic Systems, Inc. is a high-tech full service design and integration engineering firm that specializes in the design, development and manufacture of Radio Frequency / Microwave and Fiber Optic components and systems. MPS provides products and services to a wide array of military and industrial customers. Our customer base spans the Broadband, Telecommunications, SATCOM, Public Safety, and Wireless markets.

The mission of MPS is to continue to design, develop and manufacture leading edge RF Photonic components, modules, and subsystems to the commercial and private industries. MPS strives to expand an ever-growing customer base by capitalizing on strong corporate management policies, utilizing industry experience and enhancing corporate contacts and networks. MPS is committed to continued investment in Research and Development to ensure that MPS can harnesses current technology advancements to expand our product offerings and effectively support the growing demands of our customer base.
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Product Spotlight

MPS is pleased to announce the release of their newest line of Fiber Optic Repeaters for In-Building Distribution of critical communications traffic.

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Passive Optical Components

Optical components to support Telecommunication, Cable Television (CATV), Local Area Networks (LAN) and EDFA Transmission Systems.

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RF/Optical Link Modules and Plug-Ins

RF Fiber Optic Transmitters and Receivers offering broadband capabilities supporting the transmission for RF signals over optical fiber for use in a wide arrange of communications applications.

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RF Photonic Systems

High Density rack mounted systems solutions offer expanded flexibility for RF Photonic transport. Capable of supporting DC to 25 GHzs.

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Harsh Environment Optical Cabling

Ruggedized Optical Interconnect Solutions for the most demanding environments. Military ruggedized for shipboard, mobile, airborne and field deployed conditions.

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Systems Engineering/Custom Solutions

Systems Engineering support for the development, management and requirements analysis for satellite systems and antenna remoting applications.

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  • Sept 22, 2011

    Article: Systems Engineers Use Optical Fiber Waveguides (OFW) As Essential Architectural Tools Within C4ISR Network Infrastructure

    The increasing demand for less costly and higher performing commercial-off-the-shelf (cOTs) solutions within military command, control, communications, computers, intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance (c4isr) applications has elevated Optical Fiber Waveguides (OFW) to new levels of acceptance and sophistication. The widespread deployment of OFW throughout the defense c4isr systems infrastructure has been fueled by global demands for expanded coverage, increased bandwidth and data rates, and flexible deployment architectures.
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  • Aug 17, 2011

    Press Release: Ultra Compact 26.5 GHz RF Photonic Transmitter and Receiver

    Ultra Compact 26.5 GHz RF Photonic Transmitter and Receiver MPS announces Ultra Compact 26.5 GHz RF Photonic Transmitter and Receiver Design to provide superior wideband performance for high density integration, antenna remoting and signal support applications.
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Introduction to Fiber Optic Technology
An MPS 3-Day Training Course in West Chester, Pennsylvania
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This three-day course has been developed with 12 hours of classroom and 12 hours of hands-on skills labs to provide a strong foundation for understanding the basic principles of fiber optic technology. Beginning with a short history of the industry and major growth steps to the state of the art today. » Read more.